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Fast Weight Loss Side Effects

Gauahar Khan lost 3.5 kg weight in 20 days, these disadvantages can be due to fast weight loss

Fast weight losse side effects

Fast Weight Loss Side Effects: TV and Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan told that her weight has reduced by 3 and a half kilos in just 20 days. Even if people trying to lose weight would love to hear this. But, such rapid weight loss of Gauahar Khan cannot be considered healthy in any way. (Fast  Weight Loss Side Effects in English) As in, losing weight is everyone's dream. But, if one loses weight very quickly and in large quantities. So, it can prove to be fatal for health.

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Actually, according to experts, the weight should be done slowly and in a healthy way. Losing weight by half to one kilo in a week is right and healthy. In this way, there are no side-effects on your health. But, if your weight has suddenly decreased a lot, then you may have such problems.

Fast Weight Loss Side Effects:

Low Metabolism:

It has been said in some studies that losing weight very fast affects the metabolic rate of the body. According to experts, fast weight loss can reduce metabolic rate by up to 86 percent in just 2 weeks. As in, the high metabolic rate drives the fat burning process in the right way. That's why a low metabolism will also make it difficult to control your weight.

                   Fast losses writing effect

Skin tightening decreases

The plastic fibers present in the skin work to increase and decrease the elasticity of the skin. Due to this, the process of stretching and shrinking of the skin goes in a proper way. However, when the weight loss occurs very rapidly, it is difficult for the skin to shrink. Due to which, the tightening of the skin decreases. Some research says that people's skin becomes dull after weight loss due to damage to the plastic fiber. Due to which, they also start looking weak and sick.

muscle loss

{Losing weight in a healthy way burns most of the fat.} But, when the weight loss happens suddenly, then there is also muscle loss. According to studies, muscle loss is 3 times more likely in unhealthy or rapid weight loss.

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These are also the disadvantages of fast weight loss

liver damage

Changes in heart beat and risk of heart diseases

fatigue and weakness

headache and irritability

hair fall

problems related to periods

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