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Weight Loss Tonic: An Ayurvedic tonic whose inclusion on an empty stomach will reduce weight

An Ayurvedic tonic whose inclusion on an empty stomach will reduce weight
For weight loss, include this Ayurvedic tonic in the diet for a week. Keep in mind that you have to take it on an empty stomach.


To lose or gain weight, it is very important to have good metabolism and immunity for both. Sitting in the office for 9-10 hour shifts and addin

g oily foods to your diet are important things that lead to weight gain.

Gaining weight means consuming more calories than necessary. Women need 1500-1600 kcal and men 1800-2200 kcal per day. Oily things and sweets are high in calories. Which become the biggest reason for weight gain.

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If you take three to five miles healthy throughout the day. If you exclude sweet and savory food in the diet, then you can maintain yourself. It is easy but it becomes difficult for many people. Another reason joins the weight gain. If you do night shift from above, then the food and drink cycle completely changes. The body takes time to adapt.


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People whose fat is first on the belly, they have to work a little more to reduce it. But now it has become easy for you to do so. Now you have to include such a thing in the diet which is effective in reducing belly fat first. Taking it empty stomach in the morning can prove beneficial for you.

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There are many such small and big channels on YouTube that tell you this method. But this channel by the name Doctoroz seems to be becoming very famous on YouTube. This YouTube channel is telling a very easy way to reduce belly fat. The channel, which started in November 2006, now has more than five lakh subscribers. Watch the video shared below, which is telling you how to include only one thing in the diet to lose weight.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one such substance that can be taken on an empty stomach. In the morning, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it. Belly fat will be reduced and immunity will also be boosted along with metabolism.

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