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How to Check Heart Health at Home? Freedom Reviews---Is Really Good For You ? Honset Full Reviews

 How healthy is your heart? Learn in these easy ways

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To know about heart health, you can take help of these easy ways at home, know about them.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, heart disease (heart disease) is also the leading cause of death worldwide. The heart is a continuously functioning organ in the body from birth to death. In today's era, due to unbalanced diet and lifestyle, heart disease is increasingly making people their victims. According to a WHO data, every year around 18 million people lose their lives due to heart disease all over the world.Due to heart disease, people have to face problems like heart attack, heart failure and blood pressure. In most people, the cause of heart disease becomes a serious threat due to lack of proper treatment and proper diet at the right time. By regularly consuming healthy and heart beneficial food and exercising, you can stay away from these diseases. It is important to avoid heart diseases Take special care of your heart health. For this you will need periodic heart checkups. You can check your heart health at home with these easy ways, let's know about them.

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Know how healthy your heart is in these ways (How to Check Heart Health at Home?)

Even in today's time, there are many people who are unable to get their heart health checked due to lack of money and time. Such people can check the health of the heart at their home and know that how healthy is your heart? These simple at-home tests give vital information about your heart health. By checking your heart health in these ways, you can avoid // (serious heart disease) like heart attack, heart failure etc. Experts and doctors, after all the research and studies, have suggested to check the health of the heart by these methods. Let us know about these tests.

To know the heart health status, its beat has to be checked thrice, later after doing a little calculation, you can check how healthy your heart is from whatever output you will get.

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STEP 1: First of all, sit quietly in a good place and measure your heart beat and press on it.

STEP2: After 45 seconds to 1 minute by exercising or doing pushups, measure your heart beat again and make a note of this too.

STEP 3 : After 1 minute rest, measure and note your heart beat again after being calm.

After that do the total of these three heart beats and do 200 after that. Then divide whatever number you get by 10, whatever number you get, see it in this chart.

STEP 4: Heart Rate Test

STEP 5: You must have often seen that after going to the doctor when his health worsens, he examines by placing his hand on the pulse. Actually, by examining the pulse, doctors check the heart rate i.e. heart rate. Pulse beats are similar to heart beats. Since our heart pumps blood through the arteries to all the parts of the body. Therefore, the heart rate is checked by checking the pulse. You can check your pulse yourself to know about your heart health. For this follow the below mentioned method.

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Take a watch to check the pulse.

Now place your index and middle finger on the middle vein of the other hand.

Now start counting the heartbeats.

Note down the number of beats in 10 seconds.

Now multiplying this number by 6 you can find out your heartbeat.

A heart rate between 65 and 100 is considered normal.

STEP 6 : Blood Pressure Test

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By checking your blood pressure, you can get an idea of   the health of your heart. To know the status of heart health, first of all you must check your blood pressure. For this, you can also use the digital blood pressure machine available at home today. You can use this machine by yourself to check your blood pressure. According to the rating of blood pressure, the condition of your heart can be as follows.


high blood pressure (hypertension)

Systolic - between 125and 139 mm Hg

Diastolic - between 75 and 90 mm Hg

low blood pressure

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Systolic - less than 90 mm Hg

Diastolic - less than 60 mm Hg

normal blood pressure

Systolic - 120 mmHg

Diastolic - 80 mm Hg

STEP 7 . Check Your Heart Health by Climbing the Stairs (Stair Test for Heart)

STEP 8 You can also use the stairs of the house to check the health of the heart. According to a recent study, heart health can be easily checked by climbing stairs. If you take 1 minute to climb about 50 to 60 steps, it means that your heart is healthy. But if it takes you more time to climb 50 to 60 steps, then it indicates that the health of your heart is not completely good.

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STEP 1 Waist and Hips Test for Heart 

STEP 2 You can get an idea of   heart health by checking the size of your waist and hips. If according to a research, if your waist size is more than the size of the hips, then you are at high risk of heart diseases. In this way, you can get information about your heart health at home with these easy ways. However, to check the health of the heart properly, consult a doctor. Make sure to get information about this from them. All the methods mentioned above are common ways to check heart health, with the help of which you can get an idea about your heart health.

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