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15 Bast Weight Loss Tips it Home 15 बस्ट वजन घटाने के टिप्स घर वजन कम करने

 15 Bast Weight Loss Tips it Home

Many people work hard to lose weight, yet they are unable to reduce their weight. There are some special things that people ignore to lose weight and this causes weight gain. Here are some great weight loss tips that will help you lose weight in no time.


Weight Loss Tips - Weight Loss Tips in English


There are many easy and safe ways to lose weight that will help you a lot in losing weight.{Home Page}

1. Pay attention to the food while eating


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While eating food, your full attention should be on eating, you can overeating by eating food while watching mobile or TV. Because because your brain is engaged elsewhere, you do not know how much you have eaten.{Home Page}

2. Food should be eaten in small plates

According to studies, if you eat food in a smaller plate, then you will eat less. Seeing the big plate, people serve more food in it. Therefore, less food comes in the smaller plate as compared to the larger plate.{Home Page}

3. Get enough sleep on time

It is very important to get enough sleep at regular intervals to lose weight. If there is no sleep, then hunger hormones fluctuate daily. People who get less sleep are at a higher risk of developing obesity than those who get enough sleep.{ Home Page}

4. Chew and eat

Always chew and chew the food properly, this will digest your food well and will signal to your brain that it is eating too late so that it will feel that the stomach will be full.

5. Making Positive Changes Is Necessary

Positive changes are necessary to lose weight

Dieting fails. Because after a while dieting leads to weight gain. Instead of dieting, make a habit of eating nutritious and healthy food.

6. Do not eat unhealthy salmon kept in the fridge

Eliminate any unhealthy food and beverages you have in your fridge, such as ice cream, sweets or cold drinks, and keep them all and you will avoid unnecessary unhealthy eating.

7. Metabolic disease is a disease that causes weight gain

There are some diseases that lead to weight gain. Some of them are insulin resistance, diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, so you should take the help of a doctor and get yourself treated and take the medicines prescribed by the doctor regularly.

8. Don't get stressed out too quickly

Due to stress, some such hormones are made in the body which are helpful in gaining weight. So stay stress free and don't get stressed quickly and you can also do meditation to reduce stress.

9. Eat food in blue color plate

Eating food in a plate of bright colors leads to less food, this is because the mind gets filled with bright colors faster than light colors and then the brain wants to divert its attention from that color. This tip will be of great use to you.

10. Stay away from simple and refined carbohydrates

Nutrients and fiber are removed from net carbohydrates. Take special care that there is no simple and refined carbohydrate in the food.

11. Consume sugar in moderation

Sugar consumption is the main reason for increasing obesity. Many people consume too much of it. Sugar causes obesity as well as diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. To lose weight, reduce the intake of added sugar.

12. Consuming With Fewer Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates include sugar and grains. From these their fibrous and nutritious parts are removed. These include white bread and pasta. Refined carbs increase blood sugar quickly. If you consume carbs, then make sure that they keep consuming them along with natural fiber. {Home Page}

13. Calorie Counting Help

Eating less or counting calories is very helpful in reducing weight. According to some studies, keeping a food diary or taking pictures of your food helps a lot in losing weight. Whatever you eat, write it in a diary. It can also help you count calories.

14. Eat Healthy Food

If you feel more hungry then healthy food should be consumed. This will save you from eating unhealthy food. Best for this is by consuming baby carrots, whole fruits, curd, nuts, boiled eggs etc.

15. Avoid eating food till late night

Fix a meal time and do not eat late at night. If you eat late, then your food will not be digested and the habit of sleeping immediately after eating also increases the risk of obesity.

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