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Eat these 5 healthy things in summer evening snacks, they are more tasty than fried things

 Eat these 5 healthy things in summer evening snacks, they are more tasty than fried things

Healthy snacks for summer :You can consume these things as healthy snacks for summer. They keep the stomach cool and bring many benefits.

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Most people take snacks with evening tea. In winter, you eat oily, spicy chaat pakodi and digest it easily. But if you consume fried and spicy things in winter, then they can cause health problems for you. Yes, if you eat such heavy and oily spices in the evening of summer, then it can be harmful for your health. It causes problems of bloating and gas in the stomach and affects your digestion. Also, after eating them, your night hunger also dies. Also, in summer, these snacks also create heat in your stomach and promote dehydration. In such a situation, you should consume healthy snacks in summer. such as

1. Rainbow Summer Fruit Salad

 In summer, we all should include water-rich foods in our diet. Especially those that contain vitamins and fiber and they are also healthy for the stomach. In such a situation, you can prepare fruit salad from fruits as a snack in summer. In this you can include fruits like orange, banana, watermelon, orange, jamun and papaya. The special thing about these fruits is that at first they are tasty to eat. Secondly, they are rich in different types of vitamins and minerals for the body and helps in avoiding problems related to stomach.(health and Fitness Tips)

2. Paneer Kebabs

You can eat paneer kebabs prepared with raw paneer. While it is tasty in food, its protein and omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for the body. Where it is spicy to eat, children or adults like to eat it. For this, you do not even have to work hard, you just have to cut the paneer into some cubes and then put it in a sieve and sprinkle spices on top. Then cook it on low flame and then serve it in your plate. If you want, you can also eat cut fruits and vegetables on it for taste from above.(

3. Apple Chutney and Sabudana Fry

Sabudana fry is very tasty to eat, while it is also healthy for the stomach. For sabudana fry, first soak the sabudana in advance and then sprinkle cumin seeds and Make sabudana fry with a variety of vegetables. After this, make apple sauce on top and mix it. Add a little ghee on top. Then fry it lightly and serve. It is rich in fiber which is beneficial for the stomach and is also an energy booster.(

4. Sprouts Chaat

Sprouts Chaat is the traditional chaat we have here. It is made by sprouting different types of pulses and adding onion spices. For example, you can mix moong, gram and fenugreek etc. by sprouting it. Then you can add chopped chilies to it and eat it. It is an energy booster snack rich in fiber, protein and vitamins.(health and Fitness Tips)

5. Fresh Fruit Pizza

Eating fresh fruit pizza is very beneficial for children. To make this, you have to prepare the base by cutting a fruit like watermelon. Then decorate the top by cutting other fruits and adding them to the mayonnaise. On top of that you have to prepare another layering of pomegranate seeds and then eat this fruit pizza(health and Fitness Tips)


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